I’ve always been a farmer, even before I grew flowers.

I grew up in Ohio on a fruit farm, where my family has developed a deep connection to the land over the generations.  To this day, my favourite place on Earth is sitting barefoot on my parents’ back porch at the end of a summer day, cicadas buzzing in the trees, the sandstone steps still warm from the summer sun, and a bowl of freshly sliced peaches in hand.  You can see every shade of green imaginable sitting there as the sun sets behind a July tree line.  But my parents encouraged me to spread my wings, convinced that life had more in store for me than farming.  And so I did.  I went to fashion design school, and all the exotic places that learning the art and then practicing it across a 10 year career took me.  I found the love of my life in Texas, and discovered that he was from the other side of the world.  He loved my Midwestern orchard stories, and I his stories of rambutan and purple motorcycles.  It turns out that exotic is a relative term.  After years in the manic fashion world, and with a baby on the way, fate brought me back to the land through flowers.  I invite you to join me, on this journey of connection and beauty, in the hopes that flowers will enrich your life as they have mine.

I grow the finest quality flowers using sustainable practices at the Tilian Farm Development Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Using these seasonal blooms I create floral designs in a modern romantic style, inviting you to stop and wonder.